About Weiler Production Services

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A little history….

While foolishly taking calculus classes in pursuit of an electrical engineering degree in college, Mark signed up for a TV Production 101 class as an elective and BOOM! a new career luckily unfolded. Mark has had an interest in photography since the age of 9 and started shooting moving images at 16.

After obtaining his private pilot license at 18, it wasn’t long till he merged his love of aviation and his love of photography to land a job at Jeppesen-Sanderson shooting pilot training videos.

Following many years in corporate, cable and other freelance work, Weiler Production Services was formed in 1991. Mark continues to provide professional and exceptional video production to broadcast, corporate, and documentary clients. And, having played just about every sport out there (except cricket), Mark has a great understanding of what it takes to shoot sports. He also has extensive hand-held camera experience and is often sought out for live music events having worked almost 300 concerts.

Weiler Production Services can provide you with all your crewing needs in HD, Beta SP, or mini-DV, at home in Colorado or just about anywhere.

Whether you are looking for a 1 man crew or a 21 person crew, Weiler Production Services has the ability to provide quality people and quality gear in any role.

When you work with Weiler Production Services you benefit from four key values that Mark lives by:


The ability to deliver a professional, timely, cost effective video product which compliments and enhances the director’s vision while exceeding expectations.


This is the very foundation of Weiler Production Services. You will work with a crew of the highest ethical standards and you will be provided an honest, straightforward approach to whatever projects or questions arise.


The ability to do what it takes to get the job done correctly. It includes being adaptable to a given set of circumstances that require quick thinking and action to succeed.


Working with any and all key personnel to tell the story is what makes a successful team and Mark Weiler is a great team player!